First post

First post

Welcome everybody to my first blog post!

In this first post I would like to talk about something that is very close to my heart especially right now. As of yesterday it has been a week since one of my good friends Lukas Oelke was taken away from us by cancer. Lukas was 24 years old and one of the best people you would have ever met in so many different ways. He was kind, funny, extremely smart, and some of my girlfriends claim he was even better looking than me... He was... hahaha. However, I believe that I got to know his most important qualities closer to the day of his passing a week ago in September fifth. Lukas was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his knee about thee years ago. Long story short our good friend went into remission and decided to go on a long trip to explore the world and enjoy life to the maximum. Unfortunately in January Lukas' trip was cut short due to his cancer coming back. This time; it came back with a vengeance. 

For those who are familiar with the Canadian healthcare system you might already be aware of the fact that the government will not pay for treatment of people who are most likely in a terminal state. This is why Kids Without Yachts- A cancer foundation- was founded by some of my best friends. Kids Without Yachts is a metaphor referring to that healthcare that is not available to most as a yacht. I have to say, this is one of the most amazing, brave, courageous  and beautiful acts I have seen first hand in my entire life. Real friends, real people,. with real problems, trying to find real solutions. Lukas showed us along this journey that he was stronger than all of us combined though. Kids Without Yachts raised more than enough money but now we found there was no known treatment to help our friend. Months of sadness, frustration and helplessness have gone by, but what I learned to take out of this was that Lukas was looking at all of us. He worried for each and everyone of his friends and family and made sure to make them feel at peace and comfortable. He taught us that as bad and ugly as a situation can be there can always be something good to take out of an experience. We weren't able to save Lukas, but my friends have achieved things they have never imagined. Simply fueling their hearts with love and the desire to help. This is what I am passionate about! I am passionate about truly helping people, creating awareness, solidifying friendships, being there for one another in the good and the bad times, and more importantly celebrate the life that we were given every single day we get to wake up to see another sunrise. 

See you there my friend, thank you for everything. Rest in peace. Love you dude.

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